Budget Shortfall Sept 2014 November 10, 2014

Budget Savings in Expansion States Can Happen in Virginia
Nationwide, 27 states and Washington, D.C., have freed up precious resources for critical needs like education by closing their health coverage gaps and saving money on medical care. The same could be true for Virginia, to the tune of $161 million.
This new report looks at how four states – Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and New Mexico – are seeing actual savings of millions of dollars in their state budgets as a result of closing the coverage gap, the same way Virginia could if state lawmakers dropped their misguided opposition to the move.

Print November 4, 2014

The state of education in the commonwealth is something that matters to all Virginians. The better our schools and the more our children learn, the better our economy will be in the long run. These updated infographics present key data about K-12 education in Virginia, including school funding issues and a brief look at the needs and performance of Virginia students.

Trust Fund Balance March 5, 2014

Lawmakers Can Ensure Virginia Has Resources to Close Coverage Gap
A trust fund established to hold and invest the state budget savings from closing the coverage gap could cover the costs of expansion for years to come – until 2050 under conservative scenarios and even longer under scenarios that mirror how the state currently manages its existing trust funds.

Vets and Health Care January 28, 2014

Lawmakers Leaving Veterans in the Coverage Gap
Military veterans and their families in Virginia are among the people who would benefit from expanding Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, a move currently being considered by state lawmakers. More than 25,000 veterans, along with their spouses, could gain access to quality, affordable health care coverage – at little cost to the state – if lawmakers do the right thing and approve the expansion.

Our first statewide policy conference was a resounding success!

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