TCI_Immigration_2017_cover April 19, 2017 Pillars of Our Prosperity Virginia’s immigrants are diverse, growing in number, and are major contributors to our state’s economy. Immigrants in Virginia today are more educated, higher earning, naturalizing at faster rates and living in more communities throughout the state than in recent generations. Part of the Community Today there are more than one million immigrants in Virginia.
Diverse human hands showing unity May 24, 2016 African-American and Immigrant Communities Share Challenges, Policy Solutions African-American and immigrant communities in Virginia share many challenges, and there are critical policy solutions that could improve the lives of both immigrant and African-American Virginians. This report explores some of these challenges and solutions, focusing on residential segregation, schools that too often fail to meet the needs of all students, employment challenges for adults without high school diplomas, low wages for many workers, lack of health insurance and culturally competent health care, significant caretaking responsibilities without the benefit of paid sick leave and family leave, and harsher punishment in the criminal justice system.
tercile_April_2016-01 April 26, 2016 As Job Gains Spread, Gaps Are Becoming More Stark By Aaron Williams, Laura Goren, and Michael Cassidy There are finally more jobs in Virginia than before the recession started eight years ago. Today, workers in high-wage occupations, certain industries such as education and health services, and several of Virginia’s larger communities are better off than before the recession.

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