AsianHealthCoverage_v2 June 30, 2015 Asian American/Pacific Islander immigrants living in Virginia are an important part of the state’s economy and future. Most working-age adults are employed; many own businesses; most have lived in the United States for many years; and most are citizens. But like other immigrant groups, they also face significant challenges. This paper documents the ways immigrant Asian American/Pacific Islanders are woven into the fabric of our communities, the significant economic contributions they make to the commonwealth, and the ongoing challenges they face.
ImmigrantsWorkInMajorIndustries_v2 June 30, 2015 Hispanic and Latino immigrants living in Virginia are an important part of the state’s economy and future. Most working age adults are employed; most have lived in the United States for many years; and many are homeowners. This paper documents the ways immigrant Latino and Hispanic Virginians are woven into the fabric of our communities, the significant economic contributions they make to the commonwealth, and the ongoing challenges they face.
Central_diverse_origins June 2, 2015 The facts about immigrants and their contributions to the central Virginia economy Central Virginia’s 81,000 immigrants make critical contributions to the region’s economy and are an integral part of family life and communities. Foreign-born residents make up 8 percent of the region’s residents. Although this is a smaller share than in Virginia or the United States as a whole, the region’s immigrants, like their non-immigrant peers, are generally well educated, have high levels of employment, and are well-paid.
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