prison_bars November 19, 2015 Reforming Virginia’s juvenile justice system could make communities safer, improve the educational and employment prospects of troubled young Virginians, and reduce burdens on low-income families, all while also saving the state money. Around the country, a number of states have reformed their state youth incarceration systems to keep kids closer to their homes, and in doing so have both saved money and improved public safety.
Cost of Cutting Corners November 10, 2015 State budget cuts mean over 11,000 fewer staff in our schools, including 4,200 teachers Recent headlines have suggested that Virginia has 5,000 fewer positions in its K-12 schools now than before the beginning of the recession. The problem is actually much worse. Taking into account growing student enrollment, Virginia’s schools are missing over 11,000 positions, including 4,200 teachers. Also missing from Virginia’s schools are an additional 1,500 instructional staff, who should be assisting teachers in the classroom and helping students outside of it, and 5,500 support staff, who should be keeping the schools safe and running, getting students to and from class, and caring for student’s physical and behavioral health.
unmet_needs_figure August 25, 2015 Some Available Revenue, but Bigger Needs Virginia is likely to take in about $750 million more in revenue over the next two years than the cost of continuing Virginia’s current inadequate level of public investment during those same two years. However, that is far less money than is needed to get Virginia back on the track to solid economic growth and broad prosperity.
Thank-you-follow-up-photo-box June 4, 2015 With your help, we reached our Double Your Impact goal. In fact, we surpassed our goal of $5,000! That means TCI will benefit from every dollar of our recent matching gift challenge, all thanks to YOU, our supporters! Everyone here at TCI would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to each and every one of you who donated in the month of May.


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