Statewide Public Schools-01 August 17, 2017   The Commonwealth Institute has completed its latest compilation of data on K-12 public schools in short, easy-to-read summary reports. We highlight enrollment, staffing, demographic, and funding trends for each of Virginia’s 132 school divisions and statewide. The analysis comes at a critical time as state lawmakers will be proposing a new two-year budget in which they will make key decisions that determine the future support for Virginia’s public schools.
cover April 26, 2017 Cuts to School Funding are Hurting Virginia Classrooms click image for pdf of report Reduced state investment in public schools in Virginia since the recession has significantly impacted day-to-day operations in schools all over the Commonwealth. Schools have been forced to eliminate teachers and instructional specialists, place increasing responsibilities on teachers, reduce critical support positions such as nurses and school counselors, not keep pace with the changing language needs of students, eliminate student clubs and shorten afterschool programs, and allow facilities to deteriorate and fall into disrepair.
TCI_Immigration_2017_cover April 19, 2017 Pillars of Our Prosperity Virginia’s immigrants are diverse, growing in number, and are major contributors to our state’s economy. Immigrants in Virginia today are more educated, higher earning, naturalizing at faster rates and living in more communities throughout the state than in recent generations. Part of the Community Today there are more than one million immigrants in Virginia.

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