May 19, 2015   The Second Annual TCI Policy Summit is right around the corner so mark your calendar now and save the date. December 3, 2015 at the Omni Hotel in downtown Richmond. This conference will build on last year’s summit, bringing together leading voices on policy, community partners, non-profit leaders, grassroots organizers, and other advocates to look ahead to the coming General Assembly Session, share the latest data on the issues, and get new skills for the job ahead.
taxable_sales_by_locality January 5, 2015 Tax Fairness Proposal Closes a Loophole and Helps Localities Governor Terry McAuliffe’s proposed revisions to the state budget contain a bonus for almost every city, county, and town in Virginia, according to new analysis released today by The Commonwealth Institute, an independent fiscal and economic policy organization in Richmond. By closing a statewide tax loophole, the proposal would allow Virginia’s cash-strapped localities to collect taxes on the full price of hotel rooms booked online, rather than only part of their prices.
State Per Pupil Cuts December 12, 2014 Education Cuts Hit High-Poverty School Divisions Hardest School divisions with the highest poverty rates have seen their state funding drop far more than their counterparts in more affluent communities since Virginia state lawmakers began cutting school funding in 2009. Funding cuts in poor school divisions have been nearly three times greater per student than those in divisions with far lower poverty rates.
Budget Shortfall Sept 2014 November 10, 2014 Budget Savings in Expansion States Can Happen in Virginia Nationwide, 27 states and Washington, D.C., have freed up precious resources for critical needs like education by closing their health coverage gaps and saving money on medical care. The same could be true for Virginia, to the tune of $161 million. This new report looks at how four states – Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and New Mexico – are seeing actual savings of millions of dollars in their state budgets as a result of closing the coverage gap, the same way Virginia could if state lawmakers dropped their misguided opposition to the move.


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