Budget & Tax

Missing the Mark in School Support

Proportionately Less Funding Restored for High-Poverty School Divisions
March 28, 2016

UPDATED: Key Budget Policy Choices

Comparing the Senate, House, and conference proposals to the FY16 budget
March 10, 2016

Taking the Best Step Forward in Supporting Schools

An Analysis of 2016-2018 Budget Proposals in PreK-12 Funding
March 4, 2016

Coal Tax Credits Aren’t Working

Over $700 Million Spent Since 1988 Hasn’t Slowed Industry Decline
March 2, 2016

Undocumented, But Not Untaxed

At the register, at the pump, and often on payday undocumented immigrants contribute to Virginia’s tax base
January 8, 2016

Virginia’s Eroding Standards of Quality

How the state slashed support for Virginia’s schools since the recession
January 6, 2016

Smarter Choices for Virginia’s Youth and Future

Proven alternatives in other states reduce recidivism, make for safer communities, cost less
November 19, 2015

Missing Class

State budget cuts mean over 11,000 fewer staff in our schools, including 4,200 teachers
November 10, 2015

An Opportunity for Progress

Some Available Revenue, but Bigger Needs
August 25, 2015

All is Not Well

A Deep Dive into Virginia’s Recent and Longer-Term Budget Decisions, and How They’re Hurting Schools and Local Communities
August 19, 2015