Health Care

Every Legislator, Every District

New District-by-District Analysis of Uninsured Virginians
January 13, 2015

Rx for an Ailing Virginia

Budget Savings in Expansion States Can Happen in Virginia
November 10, 2014

How Medicaid Works: A Chartbook (revised)

A Chartbook for Understanding Virginia's Medicaid Insurance and the Opportunity to Improve It
September 16, 2014

Not So Fast

Localities Should Insist on a State Budget That Closes the Coverage Gap
March 31, 2014

Common Cents

Lawmakers Can Ensure Virginia Has Resources to Close Coverage Gap
March 5, 2014

Un-Risky Business

Virginia Has Several Safeguards When it Comes to Extending Health Coverage
February 12, 2014

Interactive Map: Closing the coverage gap benefits Virginians in every locality

February 4, 2014

Working Without Coverage

Key Sectors Stand to Benefit from Covering the Uninsured
January 31, 2014

Left Behind

Lawmakers Leaving Veterans in the Coverage Gap
January 28, 2014

All Virginia Lawmakers Have a Stake in Expanding Medicaid

Uninsured Virginians are in every district across the commonwealth
January 17, 2014