The Commonwealth Institute analyzes state support for public pre-K-12 education to increase the value of our public schools to the commonwealth. Our analyses review overall levels of support as well as the impacts of targeted programs. Reports and analyses from the current year are posted here. Work from prior years can be found in the archive.


Meet the Analysts: Find out about what can be done to provide better educational opportunities for all Virginians.

Key Priorities

• Boost investment in the Virginia Preschool Initiative to maximize participation.

• Fund the blueprint laid out by Virginia’s Board of Education for ensuring that Virginia schools have the staff they need to be successful.

• Better target resources to high-poverty school divisions so every student has the opportunity to succeed in the classroom.

• Make teacher pay competitive so that we can recruit and retain the best in the profession.

• Increase availability of free meals to keep all students healthy.

• Increase financial assistance and investments in higher education so students can afford post-secondary schooling and noncredit training.

• Make a two-year community college degree debt-free for all Virginians.

• Set benchmarks for offering employment services to low-income individuals and other high-need adults to ensure everyone has the opportunity to earn a paycheck.


Click image for PDF February 20, 2018 Comparing the governor’s and money committee’s proposed changes to the 2018-2020 budget click image for PDF The House Appropriations and Senate Finance committees released their proposed changes to the 2018-2020 budget (FYs 19 and 20) on Sunday, February 18, 2018. Click here or on the image at left for our summary level assessment of certain key changes and other noteworthy information proposed by the money committees and governor compared to the current budget.