Health Care

Access to health coverage helps Virginians live stronger, more productive lives. Over the past decade, since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more Virginians have gained access to health coverage. Still, almost 750,000 Virginians, including nearly 100,000 children, remain without it. At TCI we monitor state health care policies with a particular interest in how those policies impact the health security of low and moderate income people.

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  Key Priorities

• Strengthen the state’s earned income tax credit to help working families

• Update the state income tax rate structure so average Virginians don’t pay the same rate as millionaires

• Attach sunset provisions to tax breaks and close corporate loopholes

• Modernize the state sales tax to reflect a changing economy

March 28, 2017 Virginians across the commonwealth would get access to quality, affordable health insurance if state lawmakers close the coverage gap by expanding Medicaid. The tables below show the number in each legislative district by Senate, House, and by Locality. SENATE Table 1. People Who Could Gain Coverage Through Closing the Coverage Gap by Senate District Senators District Eligible to Gain Coverage Localities in Senators’ Districts Barker, George L.